Wine and Food tour

A journey through the tastes, flavors and traditions of Veneto cuisine

The Culinary traditions of Veronese cuisine have an abundance of dishes that spring from the union of typical local products and our chefs’ imaginations.

Eating in Verona is not only a pleasure but an art that has been passed down from the times of the Roman Empire and that can be seen on the tables of restaurants and taverns throughout the area. A compulsory stop-over for foodies and cultural food and wine enthusiasts, Verona boasts excellent products and an enviable wine production. Enjoy with us some of the delicacies that await you!

It is from a common and humble product, the potato, that one of the most exquisite Veronese culinary specialties arises; Gnocchi. Prepared according to the antique recipe and recently certified with the De.Co seal, which guarantees the correct preparation and standard of the typical plate, gnocchi are the symbol of Carnival along with “Papà dello Gnocco” (The Father of Gnocchi). This delectable first course is served with a variety of sauces from melted butter and parmesan cheese to a horse meat sauce known as “Pastisada del caval.” Another renowned first course is that of Risotto al Tastasal, prepared with a mix of fresh minced pork meat, salt and flavored with alot of black pepper. This same mix is used in the preparation of Salamis and as tradition dictates the farmer’s wives would cook it to taste and try, (tastar is dialect, hence the name) the saltiness of the meat.

Another traditional dish from most of the Veronese Area is Pearà, a cooked sauce that accompanies a special boiled meat especially for Sunday lunch during the cold winter. Prepared with pepper, meat broth, breadcrumbs and beef bone marrow, it is a real delicacy that accompanies the meat along with the famous yellow polenta, a quintessential part of Veronese cuisine.

And if you like fish then you cannot miss trying Renga di Parona, a traditional dish prepared with herring and polenta that is eaten traditionally on Ash Wednesday, ushering in the period of Lent. With Lake Garda only a few kilometers away it is also easy to find other local fish on the menu such as Troat and Pike.

Let’s not forget the renowned production of cheese, the King of these being Monte Veronese. Available in a various types from fresh to medium-hard and mature, they are all rigorously prepared using cows’ milk from the Alpine huts of the Lessinia Mountains.

There are also many Typical Desserts. First amongst these is the famous Pandoro di Verona renowned for its clean lines and simple but delicious sponge, heightened if warmed in the oven or sprinkled with icing sugar. Or there is the Nadalin, an eight pointed star covered in icing, pine nuts and almonds. And if these are all cakes typically from the Christmas period, the Baci di Giulietta, similar to the Baci di Dama, and the delicious Sbrisolona, mouthwatering and crumbly dry cakes ideal for breakfast, are available all year round to delight you Sweet tooths!

Wine production in the Veronese territory needs to be looked at on its own. Starting from the Hills over Garda Lake, the luxuriant Veronese vineyards extend all over the province right up to the Alpone Valley. Verona is first amongst the Italian provinces in producing DOC(designation of origin) wine and there is no end to the abundance of variety, from Bardolino, Lugana, Custoza and Garda towards the Garda Lake and Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone towards the famous northern valleys of the province. And in the extreme east we find the Durello dei Monti Lessini and in the north along the Adige Valley and Lagarina Vally one can taste the Enantio, a very traditional local wine variety.

The number of wineries and thematic itineraries such as the wine routes, where one can discover and taste the Bacchus’ preferred nectar, are numerous. And if Vinitaly is the unmissable rendezvous for enthusiasts, so is the last Sunday in May with Cantine Aperte, when all the wineries over the whole territory open their doors to aficionados and wine tourists so that they can discover production secrets and quality of Veronese wines.